Ram Service Intervals

Ram service intervals: The care your Ram needs for the performance you need

Ram 1500 trucks are built to keep coming through for you no matter how hard the job may be. But even a Ram 1500 needs a program of regular, factory-recommended maintenance to keep delivering the performance and reliability you expect in a Ram. So what exactly does "factory-recommended maintenance" mean? What services need to be done, and when? Here's a high-level overview of Ram service intervals to set the framework.

Your Ram Oil Change Indicator will help keep you informed

Because a regular oil change is so crucial to the life and health of your Ram 1500 truck, the engineers at Ram have built an Oil Change Indicator smart sensor into your Ram. When you see an orange box appear on your Ram's dashboard that says, "Oil Change Required," you know it's time. The system gauges a variety of factors including your driving conditions. But in general, most Ram trucks need an oil change about every 7,500 to 10,000 miles.

Services at 7,500 to 10,000 miles

For most Ram drivers, the Oil Change Indicator will light up starting at about 7,500 miles. That's when it's time to schedule service at Team Welsh in Far Hills, NJ. It's important not to wait any longer than 10,000 miles for your first oil change. Here are some of the primary things you should have us do in the service center at Team Welsh:

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Tire rotation
  • Battery inspection, at which time we'll clean the cables and terminals
  • An inspection of your brake pads, rotors, brake shoes, drums and brake hoses
  • Inspect the engine's cooling system
  • Inspect your Ram's exhaust system
  • Inspect the engine air filter if you're driving in dusty conditions or doing a lot of off-road

Services at 20,000 miles

This starts with the same services you should have us do at the 7,500 to 10,000-mile mark. That includes an oil and filter change plus a tire rotation. Other maintenance items at 20,000 miles:

  • Inspect your Ram's front suspension
  • Get your brake linings inspected and have us replace them if needed
  • Replace the cabin air filter

Services at 30,000 miles

In addition to the services your Ram will get done every 10,000 miles, this is the time to have us inspect the front and rear axles. If there are signs of gear oil leaking, we can check the fluid level. For those who drive a Ram 1500 for police duty, fleet services, taxi services, going off-road or doing a lot of towing, this is the time to change the axle fluid. Also at 30,000 miles, it's time to inspect the transfer case fluid and replace the engine air filter.

Services at 60,000 miles

Along with having us do the same services we do at 20,000 and 30,000 miles, you can once again have us inspect the transfer case fluid. If your Ram is used for those "strenuous duty" jobs we just mentioned - like police work or off-roading - this is when we should change the transfer case fluid.

Services at 100,000 miles and beyond

In addition to the regular 20,000-mile services, this is the time to replace your spark plugs and replace your engine coolant. This is also when you should have us inspect and probably replace your PCV valve. This, of course, is just a brief overview of some of the most essential maintenance. Ask one of our service managers at Team Welsh in Far Hills, NJ for a complete maintenance schedule to help your Ram 1500 keep giving you its best.

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